During COVID-19, We've Gone Virtual
Connect to our online community through July 2020

Missiongathering San Diego is a progressive, inclusive, Christian church located in the heart of San Diego, CA. While we are actually a physical community that has been gathering for over a decade, in the era of COVID-19, we've temporarily shifted all of our ministry online and reenvisioning what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our rapidly changing world. So no matter who you are, where in the world you are, what you believe, who you love, or how you vote, we invite you to connect with us and get involved! 

We exist to be a progressive and inclusive community of Christ followers dedicated to growing in faith, living whole lives, and seeking justice for the good of our world.

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Every week we offer various points of connection to connect with God, support one another, and serve our community.

What Other's Say About Missiongathering

Rachel Held Evans, Best-Selling Author

Missiongathering has managed to attract throngs of young people by fostering a community that is diverse, inclusive, biblically literate, spiritually connected, appreciative of both liturgy and contemporary worship, and absolutely bursting at the seams with grace.

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